The particular one is, Mavi Arya Bodrum

The Life of Bodrum Special for You

Designed for four seasons of life, Mavi Arya harbors the peace and happiness you have dreamed of in its unique world, away from the chaos of metropolises. Mavi Arya invites you to a brand new life where you can add value to your every moment with its unique beach specially designed, the advantages of the 5-star hotel within the facility, the privileges of Arya Club, social facilities planned both outdoor and indoor, sports areas and fitness centers.

Mavi Arya Has Sports In Its Nature

Mavi Arya places sports at the center of your life with its location and privileges. On the specially designed beach, sports pleasure from windsurfing to cycling, from hiking to pilates and yoga awaits you in touch with nature and hand in hand with the sea.

A Unique Life Intertwined with Nature

Mavi Arya offers a unique lifestyle in the heart of nature, with its spacious gardens overlooking the landscape with a thousand kinds of vegetation.

Nature Will Be Your Best Friend

While the flora of the region is revived with the special landscaping works to be carried out in Mavi Arya, the region will have a green texture thanks to the special afforestation.

Mavi Arya will allocate a large part of the project area to nature with afforestation works that will be carried out with an infrastructure suitable for Bodrum climate. Thanks to the positive transformation that will occur in the ecosystem of the region with these works, the regenerative and healing effect of nature will continue its natural functioning with a sustainable future.

In the landscaping works it will carry out, it will enrich the natural flora of the region and provide a suitable environment for new plant and animal species to participate in the life cycle.

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