The sun downs... The dreams start.

The blue of the sea brings the red of the sun and the green of nature next to it, offers a unique recital for all Turgutreis residents. As the sun reaches the Aegean Sea among the islands, you will find peace. And you will witness a life that you have never witnessed before… At a time you never expected; Mavi Arya


  • These Privileges Are Special For You

    Offering a unique life, Mavi Arya also has one of the most tranquil and special bays of the Bodrum peninsula. You are invited to a life where you can listen to yourself while watching the sunset, find peace with blue and touch the privilege.


  • Your blue scene
    Your green life

    In Mavi Arya villas with many options from 4 + 2 to 9 + 1, the blue of the Aegean blends with the green of Bodrum. In the villas that overlook the sea from 3 sides and each one has a private pool, you take every step of the green and open all your windows to the blue.

  • In the blue of the Aegean...

    Complementing the tranquility of the Aegean Sea and the freedom of the islands with the glow of the sun, Mavi Arya is located in the most virgin and special region of Turgutreis that sees the sea from three fronts.

    Located in a quiet area away from the crowd and noise of the city, Mavi Arya offers an environment where you can enjoy the deep blue sea with your loved ones at your home.

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