When you come to Yokuşbaşı
You will see Bodrum,
do not think that
you will leave as you have come...
  • It is everyone's dream
    to live in Bodrum...

    With its sea, sand, sun, white houses, narrow
    streets and warm air, it is a place that is the
    subject of many poems and cannot be left;


  • The Most Beautiful State of Time…

    In Turgutreis, which is intertwined with nature and the sea as well as with the dynamic and fun life of Bodrum, there are dozens of activity options that you can touch every aspect of life.
    Turn your route to Turgutreis to make a new start and live the time in its most beautiful state.

The Life of Bodrum Special for You

Mavi Arya seeing the most beautiful sunset in the world, is in a place that sees the sea from three sides, intertwined with nature. With villa alternatives with many options from 4 + 1 to 9 + 1 and also 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 residence houses, each of which has been carefully designed besides 5- star hotel; the specially designed unique coastline reshapes your life with both indoor and outdoor social and sports facilities specific to each stage.

Social Life

Designed for four seasons of life, Mavi Arya holds the peace and happiness you have dreamed of in its own unique world, away from the chaos of the metropolises.

Mavi Arya invites you to a brand new life where you can add value to your every moment with its unique beach specially designed, the advantages of the 5-star hotel within the facility, the privileges of Arya Club, social facilities planned both indoor and outdoor, sports areas and fitness centers.

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